Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Cat Litterbox Cabinets

A few years ago, a good friend of mine told me about a really nice cat litterbox cabinet which she had ordered through the Pet Edge catalog ...

These things are great! She is also my very awesome cat-sitter, Auntie Judy, and she was kind enough to give us hers after her husband surprised her with a homemade oak litterbox cabinet for Christmas a couple of years ago. As you can see, there is a side opening to place the litterbox in and to clean all you need to do is open the cabinet doors, pull out box, clean and replace, There is even a top drawer for odds and ends such. The Cat's Room ...

I loved it s much that as our cat family grew, I ordered another one! LOVE THEM!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

"Freya's Ride"

In March, I had written a post which touched base on the Goddess Freya and her role in Norse mythology. On my old cat blog, "The Cat Cottage", I had published a post specifically about her. I had recently found it again and would like to share here with all of you ...
One of my very favorite goddesses has got to be Freya. She was a warrior goddess whose consort was the Norse god Od. She was also the goddess of sensual love and is usually depicted as a beautiful red-head who is known for her appreciation of romantic music and stunning flowers.

But this was only part of who she was. She was also the leader of Valkyrie and had the right to claim half the souls of the bravest warriors slain in battle (the other half belonged to Odin). As such, she would gather them all on the battlefield and take them back with her to spend the afterlife in her home in eternal rest and recreation. 

Freya was also called upon to comfort the dying and to help make the transition into the otherworld (known as Valhalla) easier by serving as their guide and comforting companion on their journey.

It is said that when Freya and the Valkyries rode forth on their missions, their armor caused the beauitful flickering light that we know as the Aurora Borealis ~ also called the Northern Lights.

While fishing one day, Od heard a lovely song coming from a nest of cats which seemed to be lulling him to sleep. It was a tom cat singing to his kittens to "sleep, sleep, my dear little ones." When Od very strongly suggested that the male cat stop his singing, the cat replied, "You have no idea how difficult it is to rear children as a single parent" and asked Od if he knew of any women who would be willing to take in his very special kittens as they were blue and deserved the life of royality.

Od immediately thought of Freya, and brought the kittens back home with him to present to her as a gift. Freya was so enchanted with them that she did the kittens honor by allowing them to accompany her on her daily rounds in her golden chariot across the sky.

A couple of years ago, I had created a handmade wreath depicting the Norse Goddess, Freya and her cats called, "Freya's Ride."

This particular project took a bit more time to finish than most of the others I have created because of all the detail involved. In order to portray Freya correctly, I had to find a figurine of a warrior goddess somewhere. I looked in every craft and children's store I could think of and then it hit me ... a hobby store! You know, the really "serious" hobby stores where folks who like to play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) buy their game accessories. The statue that I found was one which I needed to put together myself. Hubby helped me with that part ...

  Freya in Her chariot

Then, along with a medium-sized wreath, I needed to gather together a few other items such as something to use for a chariot, ribbons, long-haired cat figures (Norwegian Forest Cats), a couple of silk red roses, and some other things which are associated with the Goddess Freya ...
I used a silver gel pen to color the cats gray/blue.

After the glue dried and I had colored Freya's letters for Her name, I tied two thin light-green ribbons around the cats for reins/harnesses and glued my Freya figurine to the chariot which I had added last ... 

Other decorations added to Freya's wreath include: Roses (a goddess of love), sacred animals (lynx and falcon), Her associated rune (Fehu which is inscribed on the yellow jasper), the Sun, and the ribbon colors of red, yellow/gold, and black.
Freya, as well as being known as a Triple Goddess, is also a warrior goddess. She is shown here wearing a suit of armour and holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other while her enchanting Norwegian Forest Cats pull her chariot across the sky on her rounds and in battle.

I have decided that I am going to hang it up in the cat's room along side of my Bastet wreath.
"Egyptian Goddess Bastet: The History of the Cat"

In Conclusion | Fatal Attractions (Part Two)

First off, I needed to make a correction to my first post on the story, "Cat Dancers: The true life story of Ron and Joy Holiday". Upon re-watching the second Animal Planet episode (there were actually two of them - one regarding Chuck's death and the second episode was about Joy's), I realized that I had made a mistake. I have already made the edit correction to that previous post. However, I just wanted to clarify Ron's story/account of what happened that day and quote him correctly. My sincere apologies. In case anyone is interested, I have included the clip from Animal Planet's second part of the story. Thank you!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Cat Dancers | Fatal Attractions episode (Part One)

The first time that I had ever heard of "The Cat Dancers", was while watching an episode of the Animal Planet television series, "Fatal Attractions." The series dealt with the true stories of people who keep very dangerous wild animals such as tigers, panthers, snakes, monitors and other reptiles, chimpanzees, bears, hippos, bucks, even buffalo as personal pets - believing that these animals could actually form a bond with them - that they could tame the "wild" out of them. In most cases, it cost them their lives. 

This is the episode regarding "The Cat Dancers" ...

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Cat Dancers: The true life story of Ron and Joy Holiday

"Like a hyperbolic tale ripped from the cover of Weekly World News, the documentary film “Cat Dancers” is steeped in exotic animal fur, nude portraits, a love triangle, spandex, headbands and rhinestones ..."
~ From the HBO documentary, "Cat Dancers"

The following is the true life story of Ron Holiday (his stage name; real name Ron Guay) and his wife Joy Holiday (her stage name; married name Doris Guay; birth name Doris Gagnon) and their jaguarpanther and tiger show. I will do my best to condense their incredible journey as best I can (in other words ,the short version). 

Ron and Joy both studied ballet/dancing when they were very young. In fact, they grew up together. They performed Las Vegas shows as a couple before they became "The Cat Dancers". And, before "Siegfried and Roy", there was Ron and Joy Holiday, the husband and wife team who became the world’s first exotic cat entertainers in the 1960’s. Chuck Lizza, also an animal trainer and an attractive younger man, was asked to join their act in the 1980's.  The three of them eventually got involved in a love triangle. Needless to say, Ron and Joy had a rather unconventional marital relationship to say the least.

Their tigers were not only their act, they were also their beloved pets whom they raised and trained when they were just cubs and also lived on the cat ranch located at their home ...

At home with the "cats".

A publicity photo of Ron, Joy, and Chuck.

So, what went horribly wrong? Well, Chuck was attacked and killed by their one and only white Bengal tiger, Jupiter, whom they had since he was a cub, while at their home. White Bengal tigers are known to be even more dangerous than any other breed of tiger - they are far more aggressive and their temperament is extremely unpredictable! The main reason for this is because White Bengal tigers are inbred by humans - messing with their DNA. With that, comes both physical and mental abnormalities such as crossed eyes, deformed lips, and, of course, mental instability.

After Chuck's death, Joy became so distraught that she fell into a deep depression. She refused to eat and lost even more weight making her terribly frail and weak. Ron, at a loss as to how to help her, and, in an effort to cheer up, asked her to come help him feed the babies because they missed her. So Joy and Ron walked out and when it was Jupiter's turn, she, in her weakened physical state was shaking and began to lose her balance while trying to feed him. THEN IT HAPPENED! Jupiter reacted by taking Joy's body into his mouth and threw her full force into the ceiling - as if he were tossing around a rag doll! She died immediately. 

Such an intriguing, yet very tragic story indeed. I came across an HBO Documentary about "The Cat Dancers" which was filmed back in 2007. As I was watching it, my eyes could not help but to be glued to every interview - every show clip - every detail. If you would like to learn a bit more about their fascinating story, please check out sites such as Amazon, etc.

It was well worth the watch!!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Cat Artist Profile: Cyra R. Cancel

 Artist Profile: Cyra R. Cancel

Her name is Cyra R. Cancel and I am literally enchanted with her "Fantasy Cat art"! 

I have found a page of her artist profile on the net and have included it here in this post for all of you. :)  ...

(Florida, United States)

I was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. I studied Arts in San Juan, P.R., and Valencia, Spain. I have a degree in Arts. My Studio is at home. 

In the 80's I had the opportunity to express my art painting in T-Shirts with Acrylic (Watercolor Technique), and baby clothes. At that time I was studying at the Inter-American University of Arecibo, P.R., and they asked me to make a film for them showing how to paint a CLOWN, and MY BLACK CATS on T-Shirts. I had a wonderful experience doing this film. Also, I designed clothes with leather applications, and belts for a Leather Boutique in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

After my second daughter was born, I had to find a steady job, which did not leave me time to pursue my art inclinations for many years. I have begun drawings, painting watercolors, acrylics, oils, and pastels once again. Now I have the time to express my feelings in my art. 

My favorite subjects are Nature details, Animals, Faces…maybe something around me that catches my attention and imagination. I hope you enjoy my art. 

All my drawings and paintings are dedicated to my dad, David, and to the good memories he left us.

Here are a few of my fav's from her portfolio ...

A Cat Litterbox Cabinets

A few years ago, a good friend of mine told me about a really nice cat litterbox cabinet which she had ordered through the Pet Edge catalog ...